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Teachers and Students from Xiamen Haicang School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University Had a Study Tour in XOM

Publish date:2019-5-9   Pageview: 243


In order to enrich students' extra-curricular life, classroom education and extra-curricular activities shall be closely combined to broaden their horizons. Today, teachers and students from Xiamen Haicang School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University walked into the Xiamen Olympic museum and enjoyed an study tour. They learned the Olympic culture through lively activity, explored the mystery and charming of the Olympics.

This morning, although it was raining, it could not stop the enthusiasm of the students to visit the museum.With much expectation, they lined up in an orderly way and got ready to start the Olympic cultural trip with the lead of their teachers. 

Under the guidance of the narrators of the museum, the students watched the international Olympic treasure collections, Olympic art gallery,Olympic films and Olympic mascots etc.

 The visit in the Museum

 The rich Olympic exhibits in the museum deeply attracted the students’ attention.

 The happy study tour aroused the children's imagination.

 They watched cartoons of Olympic mascots and felt the fun and charm of the Olympics.

 Interesting interactive games

In the museum, Interactive games including Playing Billiard, Playing Golf,Boxing Experience,4D Game, Throwing Arrows to Vase and so on were elaborately arrangedin which students participated actively and happily.

Group photo with the torch

Completed the more than two hours’ trip, organized by the teachers, the students took group photos with the 2008 Beijing Olympic Torch in front of the Heaven Jade From Yangtze river, the guarding treasure of XOM, to express their best wishes for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

In Conclusion

During the social practice activities, children felt the glory of Olympic culture and the infinite charm of the Olympic spirit; they experienced the performance of the Olympic champions and the charm of the high-tech Olympics. The experience inspired the children’s interest and enthusiasm for the Olympics.  In the meantime, listening to the inspirational stories behind the collections, they learned to be more positive to achieve their highest level in life.

Xiamen Olympic Museum

As the only National Popular Science Education Base with Olympic theme, every year during the spring and autumn semester, many schools will organize students to participate in the Olympic extracurricular activities in Xiamen Olympic museum, during which students learn the spirit of facing difficulties and being courageous to challenges from the Olympic champions.