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To Accompany is the Best Gift, Mother's Day in Xiamen Olympic Museum

Publish date:2019-5-12   Pageview: 264


Mother's day is a day to thank the mother.  The holiday first appeared in ancient Greece, while the modern Mother's day originated in the United States, every year on the second Sunday in May .

On this day,

People try their best to let their mothers spend a happy holiday.

Thanks and compensation for their hardworking during the year.

The most common way is to deliver mother's day cards and gifts.

But in fact, to accompany mother is the best gift!

On this holiday for all mothers, many children accompanied their mothers to visit Xiamen Olympic museum and to enjoy a special Mother's day.

In the museum, children accompanied their mothers to view the collections and share the knowledge of them. They took photos together with their mothers actively. Everywhere the click of the shutter click could be heard, thus each smiling face was permanently kept.

Did you have a great time on Mother's day?  Almost all the mothers asked said they enjoyed their best time on Mother's day. Their satisfaction can be seen from their smiles.

Great love has no end. They simply want their children to be there for them.

Xiamen Olympic Museum wish all the mothers a well, healthy and happy Mothers day.