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On May 18th, Xiamen Olympic Museum Will Hold a Special Exhibition of Olympic Medals

Publish date:2019-5-14   Pageview: 218


May 18th is International Museum Day,with its theme this year "Museums as Cultural Hubs: The future of tradition". 

Xiamen Olympic museumas an international museum, will hold the special  exhibition of Olympic Medals with the theme of the road to the championship.

Activity 1 the dream to achieve the championship, Olympic medals special exhibition. This special exhibition will display precious medals and commemorative plates from all over the world and various previous sports competitionusing each medal to commemorate the past and share the glory.

Activity 2, the cohesion of traditional culture and sports culture.

Xiamen Olympic museum will cooperate with the community to perform traditional cultural programs. With the integration of rich traditional culture, colorful sports competition, and the Olympic spirit of perseverance, special spark comes out.

Activities 3, colorful online Olympic sports competition games characterize a sense of the future.  Online game Crazy Basketball will boost the 2019 Basketball World Cup in China;  Alpine Skiing helps to power Beijing 2022 winter Olympics; Shake game Looking For the Lost Five Rings enriches the Olympic knowledge. There are also tickets of the museum and exquisite gifts waiting for you.

Connect the past with medals is traditional and deeply memorable moments; Pass the Olympics with humanistic care will make the present life more vivid; Connect the future with cool games is technological and a more convenient form of hope.  To memorized the tradition, and to have fun in future.