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Mr.Ching-Kuo Wu Has been Reappointed Consecutively as the Chairman of the Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission by IOC President Thomas Bach

Publish date:2019-5-15   Pageview: 290


Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu, member of the international Olympic committee and curator of Xiamen Olympic museum, has been reappointed consecutively as the Chairman of the Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission by International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach, and will head for the Olympia city in Greece to attend The 1st Culture and Education Advocates Union Conference of National Olympic Committee.

Since 1989Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu has worked for the IOC Culture Commission , which was transformed to the Culture and Education Commission in 2000, and was later separated into two commissionsconsisting of the Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission, and Education Commission in 2015.  Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu has been appointed to be the Chairman of IOC Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission by IOC president Bachwhich is a great honor for all Chinese people.

 When Coubertin decided to revive the Olympics 120 years ago, he intended to change the world through Olympic Games and Olympic culture.

Nowadays, the strength and influence of the Olympic Movement are constantly increasing. The Olympic movement is not only about sports competition, but also about cultural and environmental protection. Therefore, sports, culture and environmental protection become the three pillars of the Olympic activities.   Further, cultural sharing, sports education and environmental protection should be applied to promote people's physical and mental harmony. Apart from focusing on the gold medals in the Olympic Games, we should also pay attention to the transmission of Olympic values and spirit, to display Olympic culture.

The mission of this commission is to bring the Olympic culture to the mind of people all over the world ,and to pass it down from generation to generation, through forum, conferences, Olympic cultural and artistic activities, sports and literary competitions, sports and painting, and the International Olympic Academy, in cooperation with UNESCO(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

In addition to the members of the IOC and the leaders of sports organizations, the members of the commission also include the leaders of current internationally renowned cultural and artistic organizations.