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Cultural Creative New Products︱The First Tea Set Series of XOM for Home or Travel Appears on the Market

Publish date:2019-5-17   Pageview: 272


Tea culture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, and tea set is an important component of tea culture. Xiamen Olympic museum, an international non-profit public interest institution focuses on promoting Olympic culture and spirit, will recently launch the cultural creative new productsthe first tea set series for home or travelthrough perfectly integrating Olympic culture and traditional Chinese tea culture for the first time.

 The travel tea set series launched includes white porcelain and celadon, consisting of a cover bowl and three cups.

 Classic design , simple lines, delicate,special, not monotonous, fine texture and clear work with a complete set of gift box packaging, bring different quality and luxury.

Go for a travel at any time. Convenient for storage,occupying little space,this travel tea set is the good companion for home,office and travel.

People who like tea will seek their beloved tea set, bring the tea set to hang out with a few good friends and then quietly taste a cup of tea. Welcome to purchase the tea set of XOM with good craftsmanship and made from high quality porcelain clay !

 In addition, We would like to introduce the Olympic bracelet recently launched by XOM,  which has been favored and purchased by the vast number of tourists as soon as it goes for sell.

Xiamen Olympic museum has been committed to the development of cultural and creative products for a long time, presenting high-quality and characteristic products to the vast number of tourists, inheriting and spreading the Olympic culture in a unique form, and meeting the new needs of tourists.