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Tourism Day After Museum Day - A Series of XOM Activities Are Reported by the Media and Well Received by the Public

Publish date:2019/5/19   Pageview: 326


Today is the weekend, the annual "China Tourism Day" came on schedule. To celebrate the May 18thInternational Museum Day and May 19th China Tourism Day, XOM launched a series of activities and benefits measures which received the attention and enthusiasm from all sectors of the society. In particular, the series of activities yesterday featuring the "the dream of Olympic museum -- an Olympic medals special exhibition themed on “the road to the championship ” were reported by Fujian Daily, Strait Guiding, Xiamen Evening News, and the and received a large number of visitors who enjoyed the special exhibition.

The exhibition featured nearly 100 precious medals including Olympic medals and commemorative medals of some significant events. The exhibits included the Bronze Medal of the 1st All-Africa Games 1929, Silver Medal of the 1976 Montreal Olympics, Medal of the 2008 Beijing Paralympics,Medal of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, A Set of Olympic Conference Badges 1984-2009, Commemorative Medals of the Previous Olympics Poster, the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Badges in limited edition and other precious commemorative medals.  Every medal is full of the athletes’ sweat, and behind each medal there is a story.

On the second day of the exhibition, many citizens came to have a visit. The special exhibition would continue until early June. Welcome all the public to visit XOM!

In the special exhibition area, the visitors came in an endless stream.

May 19th is the "China Tourism Day"established by the country. In order to respond positively to the May 19th China Tourism Day’s themed“Integration of Culture and Tourism into Better Life”published byMinistry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and let more people enjoy the happiness brought by leisure and travel conveniently , XOM launched the following discounts during the May 19thChina Tourism Day Period :

On May 19th,20% discount of the visiting ticket。

From May 1st to 31st , If you buys the cultural creative products of Xiamen Olympic Museum for RMB200 or above,you will have one chance for turning our turntable to get a certain discount or gifts;  For example, one chance to turn the turntable if purchasing products of RMB200, twice to turn the turntable if purchasing products of RMB400 and so on.

From May 1st to 31st , for group visit of 5 people or more who buy tickets for visiting, a ticket will be free for one person .When elders and children included, the free ticket shall be the one with the lowest fare among all tickets.

Today, there were lots of families who enjoyed the endless happiness brought by the two festivals.

Visited the exhibits and felt the essence of Olympic culture.

Chose and bought their favorite items at the gift shop.

After the visit, they relaxed played the 4D games and mini games prepared by XOM .

Museums is an important cultural identity card for the country. In recent years, with the popularity of cultural tourism, visiting museums has become a new tourist project favored by the tourists. The new pattern of Xiamen Olympic Museum’s combination of culture, sports and tourism has unique advantages , thus the number of visitors is also rising rapidly.  Xiamen Olympic Museum will applying it as an opportunity to continuous introduce new measures to upgrade the experience of tourists, so that they can better feel the infinite charm of Olympic culture.