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Representative Guest of Strait Forum From Taiwan, Provincial and Municipal Educational and Cultural Industry Visited XOM

Publish date:2019-6-16   Pageview: 255


On the afternoon of June 16th , the guests, from Taiwan , provincial and municipal educational and cultural industry , who participated in the Straits Forum visited Xiamen Olympic Museum.Staff of XOM warmly welcomed them.

Under the guidance of the narrator, the guests visited each exhibition hall. Through the close view of the precious collection of the Olympic cultural relics, pictures and texts, the guests learned the history, the people and the major events of the Olympics.The rich collection  in the museum attracted the guests’ attention.

In particular,the Taichi sculpture work “Single Whip in Lower Position With Potential Attack” of  Mr. Ming Zhu, a famous artist from Taiwan,using the briefest form of art to create the vivid image, attracted the attention of the Taiwan guests.

The unique visual feast and the Olympic cultural atmosphere presented in each exhibition hall have left a deep impression on the leaders present.

In addition to visiting the collections of XOM, the guests also specially visited the two special exhibitions held ,including the Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting Works of Famous Artist From Both Sides of the Straits and the Road to the Championship Special Exhibition. This rare "Cultural Feast" surprised the guests present. In front of nearly 100 precious medals, the guests picked up their mobile phones and recorded the rare medal "grand event."

After visiting the museum, the guests expressed their great satisfaction   with the trip to Xiamen Olympic Museum and thanked the staff for their     wonderful explanation and warm reception. Xiamen Olympic Museum, as the first museum entitled“Olympics culture”in China, which was jointly approved by the International Olympic Committee and China Olympic Committee, not only conveys Olympic culture, but also strives to spread host civilization and welcome guests from all over the world in a passionate, open and inclusive manner.