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The 7th Strait Cup Sailing Competition Press Conference and 10th Anniversary Photographic Exhibition of Strait Cup Sailing Competition Were Held in XOM

Publish date:2019-6-17   Pageview: 340


This afternoon, the 7th strait cup sailing competition news conference and the 10th anniversary photographic exhibition of Strait Cup Sailing Competition were held in XOM. Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu, member of IOC, Chairman of IOC Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission, and curator of Xiamen Olympic museum attended this activity, and unveiled the 10th anniversary photographic exhibitionof the sailing competition together with Mr. Ke Su,deputy secretary -general of Chinese Yachting Association, Mr. Shuangquan Chen,director of Chinese Taipei Sailing Association, Mr.Yimin Fu, director general of Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Sport. The 10th anniversary photographic exhibition of the sailing competition was hosted by Chinese Yachting Association,  Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Sport and Chinese Taipei sailing association, and undertaken by Xiamen Olympic museum, Xiamen Sports Association of Sailing Yacht,and Xiamen Iron Rock Sailing Sports Co., ltd.

Mr.Mingxian Wu, deputy director of Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Sport, delivered a speech at the press conference

The 10th anniversary photographic exhibitionof the sailing competition was unveiled

Sailing is an integration of water sports consists of athletics, entertainment, ornamental and exploration. Engaging in sailing can enhance physical fitness and exercise willpower. Facing the wind and waves in the changing environment of waves, meteorological and hydrological can cultivate athletes’ struggle spirit of loving sea , overcoming nature and challenging themselves. Sailing has become one of the world's most popular sports activities, and is also the important content of sports cultural exchanges with people across the straits. The strait cup sailing competition was founded in 2009, marking its 10th anniversary this year. The 7th straits cup sailing competition will be held between the sea area of Xiamen and Penghu from June 18th to 25th 2019, and will set sail from Xiamen Wuyuanwan yacht harbor tomorrow.

The 10th anniversary photographic exhibition of the strait cup sailing competition , covering the wonderful moments of going forward and never giving up in the strait cup sailing competition over the past 10 years, fully displays the Olympic spirit. The exhibition will remain in our museum for 30 days. Welcome all the citizens to visit.