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Children From Xiangan Jiayu Kindergarten Visited Xiamen Olympic Museum

Publish date:2019-6-24   Pageview: 248


In order to let the children feel the Olympics and the sports spirit closely , arouse their desire to explore the world, on the morning of June 24th, children from Xiangan Jiayu Kindergarten visited Xiamen Olympic Museum. Leading by their teachers, the little kids started a real social education practice activity.

Under the guidance of the narrator of XOM, they watched the international Olympic treasure collections, Olympic art gallery, Olympic mascots etc..The children stared at the historical traces of human civilization for a long time, curiously and amazedly. During the visit, they looked at various kinds of exhibits in surprise. The precious cultural relics were just like a concentrated historical tunnel.

We elaborately prepared monopoly game, playing billiards, playing golf, boxing experienceand some other games for the children, through which they felt the happiness brought by sports games, and at the same time their physical and mental development were both improved in an all-round way.

Finally, the students took a group photo with the “auspicious clouds torch” in front of the Heaven Jade from Yangtze river, the guarding treasure of XOM, to express their best wishes for the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics.

During the visitthe children appreciated the museum's exquisite architectural styleexperienced the infinite charm of art treasures learned the Olympic culture and felt the Olympic spirit. It inspires the children to love sports, improve sports ability and protect cultural relics.