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International Olympic day, Parent-Child“Running Baby”Sport Games

Publish date:2019-6-23   Pageview: 255


June 23rd, 2019 is International Olympic day. This morning, we welcomed a number of small athletes and powerful groups of parents to participate in parent-child “running baby” sport games.

Ms. Yun Wu, deputy curator of Xiamen Olympic museum, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of Xiamen Olympic museum at the opening ceremony. She hoped that through such activities, more people would feel the Olympics and spread the Olympic culture and spirit.

As the the games began, with the accompaniment of the Olympic Anthem,the little athletes , flag bearer and torchbearers slowly walked down from the gyroidal railing stairway, simulating the  process of entering the arena during the Olympic Games. The children experienced the Olympic Games during the activities and felt the atmosphere of the Olympic Games.

On the opening ceremony, the little torchbearers hold high the torch and“lit” the Olympic cauldron. In front of the roaring flame, the children waved the five-ring flag and hold high the Olympic flag, with happy smile on their face. Parents and children also spoke highly of the special opening ceremony, holding up their mobile phones to record the special moment.

After the lighting ceremony, parents and children posed a five-ring sign in the middle of the stage to mark the successful launch of the International Olympic day activity 2019.

The teachers of Dunhuang Daqian Art Troupe came to our museum to power the Olympic day. Through their performance, the children feel more of the traditional culture, and accepted the edification of art. During the activity, they brought wonderful band and chorus performance, as well as dance performances with national characteristics.

The teachers of Unbound Yoga brought amazing yoga performance. With the soft music, the teachers presented a unique performance for parents and children with slow but tensional  yoga movements. At the same time, they also interacted with the children, and applied yoga postures to show the animals image the children liked,so that the children could feel the pleasure brought by this "slow motion" among a happy atmosphere.

In parent-child interactive sports section, children cooperated with their parents to brave difficulties. "Crossing the River by Moving the Stones", father's powerful "Shooting at the Basket",  "Throwing Arrows to the Vase" with calm thinking and accurate projection,  and "Monopoly Game" with mental and physical power coexisting. Through such parent-child sports, the parents and children's emotional feelings were enhaned, at the same time, the sport ability of the children were strengthened.

Under the guidance of the narrator, parents and children visited Xiamen Olympic museum and expressed their admiration for our abundant collections. The children were especially attracted by the Olympic torch, the special exhibition of Olympic medals and the introduction of the past, present and future of the Olympic Games .