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Little Torch Bearer—Children From Xiame Wuyuan Experiental School Experience the Olympics in XOM

Publish date:2019/7/4   Pageview: 300


In order to enrich students' extracurricular life, the classroom education and extracurricular practice activities should be closely combined to broaden their horizon and increase their knowledge. Today, the children from Xiamen Wuyuan Experimental School walked into Xiamen Olympic museum, where they learned through playing, exploring the mystery of the Olympics, learning about the history and culture of the Olympics and experiencing the charm of the Olympics.

This afternoon, despite of the rainy weather, the children visited the museum and learned with enthusiasm. Full of infinite expectations, under the guidance of narrators,in front of the entrance, the students got ready to start today's Olympic cultural trip .

The little flag-bearers were energetically holding the five-ring flag and the national flag, like the athletes who were about to participate in the Olympics, with neat steps, with the accompaniment of the Olympic Anthem, arrived the site.

With a sacred mood, torch bearers slowly walked down from the gyroidal railing stairway,  and carefully escorted the torch into the stadium. Witnessed by the parents group , they lit the flame, start ing a mini Olympic trip inside the museum.

We elaborately prepared games experience for the children, including "Throwing Arrows to the Vase", "Crossing the River by Moving the Stones"  "Dragon Boat on Land” "Monopoly Game"  and so on, through which they felt the joy of sports games and activities, at the same time their mind and body were fully developed.

Under the guidance of the narrators of XOM, the students watched the international Olympic treasure collections, Olympic art gallery, Olympic mascots etc..

Organized by parents and narrators, the students took photos in front of the heaven jade from Yangtze river, the guarding treasure of XOM, and in front of the prize-awarding platform of the 2008 Olympics to express their best wishes to the 2022 Beijing WInter Olympics.

In the social practice activities, children felt the glory of Olympic culture and the infinite charm of the Olympic spirit; they experienced the performance of the Olympic champions and the charm of the high-tech Olympics. The experience inspired the children’s interest and enthusiasm for the Olympics.  In the meantime, listening to the inspirational stories behind the collections, they learned to be more positive to achieve the highest level in life.