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Bidding for the Olympics| Students From Tongan First Middle School Enjoyed the Activity of "Simulated Olympic bid”

Publish date:2019/7/12   Pageview: 256


After the reformation of high school entrance application regulation, students will face the choice of major earlier. They are now, just like us a few years ago, confused and at a loss at the intersection of life. In order to allow children to better understand the knowledge of the Olympic bid, better welcome the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and be good hosts in the 2022 Beijing Olympics, Xiamen Olympic museum carried out special Olympic experience themed” Simulation of Bidding for the Olympics” and hoped the students could study through their own efforts, learning more about the Olympic knowledge and approaching the Olympics.

Today, Students From Tongan First Middle School walked into Xiamen Olympic museum, participated in the experience of "Simulation of the Olympic bid " , and experienced a real "Olympic bid". In this day, they completed omni-directional upgrade of studying, experiencing, and visiting, popularizing the Olympic knowledge once again in a brand new way.

In the multimedia classroom of the Olympic museum, the narrator led the students to learn the Olympics and understand the whole process of applying for the Olympic Games.

After the scene teaching, the bidding "officer" had a certain understanding of the Olympic bid. Then they would applied their ability, , with the knowledge accumulation, flexible information retrieval ability and team cooperation ability , to show the advantage of country and region they represented  and to strike for the rights to the host the Olympic games out of the many applying


After completed the class, under the guidance of the narrators, the students visited the preface hall, past present and future of the Olympic Games, the Olympic family, the treasure and sharing, temporary exhibition hall, the painting and calligraphy exhibition of the 70th anniversary , the Olympic medal special exhibition and so on, detailedly understood the development of the Olympics and the story behind the rich collections, what they were deeply impressed.

Finally, the teachers and students took a group photo in front of the "Heaven Jade" from Yangtze River, the guarding treasure of the museum, and happily ended today's "Simulated Olympic bid" activity.

The excellent, diligent "Olympic bid officer" use 20 minutes’ preparation time, designed an Olympic bid logo for the city they represented.