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Flying Paper Kite in Vast Sky, Olympics on the Fingertips, Flying the Olympic Dream

Publish date:2019/7/14   Pageview: 267


Activity background

Preparations works for the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics are well underway. This is the first time for China to host the winter Olympics, which will also be a great sports event for the people of the country and all around the world. As a member of the host country, as a host, what do we need to know about the Olympics?

Olympic Paper Kite

This afternoon, the Olympic handcraft experience activity were held in our museum, which made the Olympic culture knowledge more interesting, and let students integrate what they have learned into the handcraft practice, so as to deeply understand the Olympic spirit and culture.

In the teacher’s class, the students shown great interests in learning the Olympic culture and the Olympic encyclopedia knowledge. Everyone actively put forward their own design ideas on the mascot design, the torch shape design.

Later in the museum they explored the elements of the Olympics to understand the real exhibits. Students continously asked questions, while the teacher patiently answered them.

Students used what they had learned today to design and draw their own kites.

Children couldn’t wait to show the works to parents, and their small face was full of happy smile when getting the praise of mom and dad.

Fly the Olympic dream

Xiamen Olympic museum, located at No.2017 Lvling road, near to the Huandao east road, boasts the most beautiful coastline scenery in Xiamen. After the activity, parents can take their children to the beach to fly kites, accompanied by the purplish red sunset and the sound of waves, to complete a day of happy learning journey.