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Activity Forecast︱The 2019 Fujian Cross-Strait Youth Rope Skipping Open Championships Series Activities Will be Held in XOM on July 20th

Publish date:2019/7/16   Pageview: 245


This activity is guided by the National Rope Skipping Promotion Center, sponsored by Fujian Rope Skipping Association, Xiamen Olympic museum, Fujian Jiansheng Sports Co., ltd., Xiamen Lvdong Sports Industry Co., ltd.

Activity Content

Cross-Strait Youth Rope Skipping Open Championships will be held in Xiamen Olympic Museum on 20thJuly.

Abundant contentsplendid program of various forms will show on the stage!

Professional: Cross-straits rope skipping development forum

Full experience: Lighting ceremony of high - specification on scene

Teaching through lively activities: Simulate bidding for the Olympic Games and broaden knowledge

Cross-strait empathy: Cross-strait exchanges Ambassador Awarding

Challenge the limit: Guinness challenge launch ceremony

Professional award: National Rope Skipping Public Rank Examination (Scene Two)

Cross-straits rope skipping skill exchanges, rope skipping carnival and other wonderful activities are waiting for you all.