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Xiamen Olympic Museum participated in Fujian Non-state-owned Museum Exhibition

Publish date:2019/9/30   Pageview: 330


  Fujian Non-state-owned Museum Exhibition, which was also entitled as “Extraordinary Splendour” opened on September 30th, 2019. The exhibition was hosted by Fujian Provincial Cultural Heritage Bureau and Quanzhou Cultural  Tourism  Broadcasting and Television Bureau, organized by Fujian Cultural Relics Appraisal Center, Dehua County  Cultural  Sports   and Tourism Bureau and  Shunmei Haisi Ceramic History Museum to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture. Ms. Yun Wu, our deputy curator, attended the opening ceremony on behalf of Xiamen Olympic Museum.

  30 typical non-state-owned museums in fujian province, including Xiamen Olympic Museum,  Fujian Yutian Jade Museum, Fujian Zhenmei History and Culture Museum, Fujian Dongxing Stone Culture and Art Museum, Xiamen Yuecheng Classic Car Museum, Fujian Huang Xi Museum and Fujian Haisi Watch Museum, supplied exhibits for the exhibition, with a total collection more than 150 items. These collections included Olympic commemorative badges and stamps , ceramics, mineral, agate, rubbings, jewelry, root carving, clocks, as well as calligraphy and painting collections, which showed profound historical culture. XOM offered exhibits with Olympic characteristics, such as Chinese paper-cutting of IOC presidents, Olympic commemorative badges and Olympic torches, etc. which conveyed the valuable Olympic spirit and enjoyed great popularity among the visitors and guests.

 During the exhibition,  forums and symposiums will be held to promote the exchanges and cooperation among non-state-owned museums. Our deputy curator, Ms. Yun Wu made a prestation and shared her opinions on social service and education at the opening ceremony on behalf of XOM.

  The one-month exhibition aims to explore the sustainable development of non-state-owned museums in the aspects of cultural and tourism integration, improve their capabilities in management and operation integrating collection and research, exhibition and exchange, social and educational activities, and promote non-state-owned museums to play a greater role in social benefits.

  Since its opening in 2008, Xiamen Olympic Museum, as a non-state-owned museum, has been actively performing the social functions in exhibits collection, exhibitions, cultural studies and juvenile education striving for developments with Olympic characteristics. Up till now, XOM expects more cooperation both on public welfare and HIBL projects.