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Xiamen Olympic Museum organized an etiquette traning for employees

Publish date:2019/10/9   Pageview: 300


Courtesy is the use of polite manners. A courteous person is respectful and considerate of others. Etiquette is a person’s ideological and moral level, cultural accomplishment of the external performance and communicative ability of external performance. For a society, etiquette is a reflection of a country’s social civilization, morality and habits. As the second classroom, the museum plays an important role in realizing the people’s lifelong learning.

On the morning of October 9th, 2019, an internal staff etiquette training was held in Xiamen Olympic Museum to enhance the level of service and reception capacity.

The eight basic principal of etiquette include "sincerity, respect, self-discipline, compliance, tolerance, moderation, equality, following of customs" . The appropriate appearance, appearance, civility and politeness, as the embodiment of the spirit of a museum narrator, can also become the first impression of the museum in an invisible way.

Basic requirements for narrators: 1.subtle make-up with no secretion or sweat 2.natural-color hair with moist but not greasy 3.Do not wear a hat 4.limit jewelry–no bracelet nail polish-fingernails neat and clean 6.Wear a watch 7.Wear Knee-length skirt and black stockings 8.Wear dark leather shoes or heels

After the teaching of Service Etiquette,such as Squatting Position Etiquette, Bowing Etiquette and shaking hands Etiquette, the teacher made a demonstration by herself. Just as she mentioned, narration is a kind of communication which can be flexible and adapted to different needs and interests of listeners

In terms of the standardization of actions, attention should be paid to the proper application of standing posture, walking posture and gestures. For example, in standing posture, the center of gravity of the males are supposed to move forward to show humility, while the females are supposed to stand in t-step which make the legs straight. As for walking, backward walking and forward walking can be used interactively if only you are familiar with the routes. In the aspect of gestures, Both the swaying gesture and the tilting gesture, the thumbs are required to be clasped.

The training ended successfully. As a 3A scenic spot, Xiamen Olympic Museum has been striving to improving not only in terms of hardware facilities, but also in terms of service team and service details, so as to bring the best tourism experience to tourists.