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Xiamen Gugong Primary School organized autumn tour in Xiamen Olympic Museum

Publish date:2019/10/16   Pageview: 268


  Today, the students of Xiamen Gugong Primary School had a historical and cultural tour of Olympics in Xiamen Olympic Museum.

  In order to popularize the Olympic knowledge and carry forward  the  Olympic spirit, Xiamen Gugong Primary School organized an autumn outting to XOM, which offered the children a zero- distance contact with the Olympic Games.

  Walking into the museum, the students seem to have entered a castle, where they can enjoy interesting Olympic cartoons , admire the great statues and watch the vintage postcards of beautiful scenery, ect. The children passed through four different exhibition halls and learned the origin, the past, the present and the future of Olympics under the guide of the narrators. Their imagination flew and the museum was filled with fun and laughter.

  The colorful flags, Olympic rings, Olympic torch and precious exhibits in the museum led the students to a world of wonders, where they could attain full knowledge of Olympics and benefit. 

   In the first floor lobby, the children made their Olympic plasticine works with their fingers. It is a great combination of the knowledge and practical ability and the children were so excited to bring their works home.

  The students were so lucky that our curator, member of International Olympic Committee and president of Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission, Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu was present for an interview.  After answering the questions of the reporters, Dr. Wu joined the children, answered their questions and take photos with them.

  At the end of the journey, the children came to the outdoor yard to experience the mini sports games, which enabled the students to exercise their body and broaden their horizon.

  As the only Olympic themed National Popular Science Education Base in Xiamen, many primary and middle schools organized science popularization education in Xiamen Olympic Museum during the spring and autumn period. Those qualities of “not afraid of difficulties and dare to fight” which the students learned from the Olympic champions will make a great contribution to their growth.