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The Summer Camp for Little Journalists Started

Publish date:2021-7-21   Pageview: 1056


Little Journalists  from Xiamen Yingzhiyi Training Center visited Xiamen Olympic Museum to have a cultural experience of Olympics. More space was given to the kids to learn through this extracurricular practice, so that they can learn more about the history and charm of Olympics.

Walking into the museum, the students seemed to have entered a castle, where they can enjoy interesting Olympic cartoons, admire the great statues and watch the vintage postcards of beautiful scenery, ect. The children passed through four different exhibition halls and learned the origin, the past, the present and the future of Olympics under the guide of the narrators. Their imagination flew and the museum was filled with fun and laughter.

The little flagbearers were holding the five rings flag and the national flag, like the athletes who participate in the Olympic Games, stepping neatly and slowly under the Olympic songs. The torchbearers carefully carried the torch and lit the flame in the presence of the cheering parents. A mini Olympic journey was started inside the museum.

we also prepared some special programs for the young reporters to experience -including the ancient six arts experience and pot throwing game etc, so that they can feel the joy of sports.

After the tour, the young journalists were too eager to begin the reports and interprtation on the exhibits of Xiamen Olympic Museum.