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The Staff of Hebei Gymnasium Visited Xiamen Olympic Museum for Research

Publish date:2023-5-27   Pageview: 734


In the afternoon of May 27, 2023, Ms. Hongqiu Deng, Deputy Secretary of the General Party Branch of Hebei Gymnasium, Mr. Shilei Han, Deputy Director of Hebei Gymnasium, Ms. Junhua Ren, Director of Business Development, and Mr. Tao Zhang, Director of Comprehensive Management Department, visited our museum for research,  and were warmly received by Ms.Yun Wu, Deputy Curator of our museum.

The guests went through our new exhibition called Memories in Inches - Olympic Historical Exhibition and visited our four Exhibition Halls, the past, the present, and the future of the Olympic Games, the Olympic family, treasure and sharing and the Temporary Exhibition Hall.

Xiamen Olympic Museum was planned, designed and founded by our curator Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu. The visitors were impressed by the simple design, rich exhibitions, and humanized facilities which not only enable ordinary people to better understand the history and the story behind the Olympic Games, but also enhance their awareness of sports and health.

During the visit, the guests also had an in-depth and detailed understanding of Xiamen Olympic Museum's management, design concept, exhibits display, functional division, service concept, social education, and creative product development.

The guests expressed their admiration for Mr. Ching-Kuo Wu and their high praise for our museum. More exchanges and cooperations will be expected between the two parties in the future.