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President of Sanming Association for Science and Technology visited XOM

Publish date:2010-10-12   Pageview: 1814




This morning, accompanied by the Sectary of Xiamen Association for Science and Technology and President of Siming District Association for Science and Technology, the President of Sanming Association for Science and Technology Lianpai Wu paid a visit to Xiamen Olympic Museum. The guests were welcomed by the Deputy Curator giving a detailed explanation on the Olympic Memorabilia.

Touring around the exhibits, Deputy Curator Wu introduced the constructive work the museum has made in promoting the Olympic science among public, especially the youth generation. The rich collection of Olympic Memorabilia won all the guests’ admiration. President Wu highly appreciated the crucial contribution Dr. Ching-kuo Wu has made for the promotion of sports across the straits.

After the visit, the guest also gave some opinions on the museum’s future work to get more public involved in learning Olympic knowledge and experiencing the Olympic passion through appreciating the Olympic Memorabilia exhibition, particularly the youngsters. Deputy Curator Wu indicated that the special activities prepared will be wanting for more youngsters’ participation, we hope the programs provided will be helpful in promoting the Olympics and sports.