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Head of Xiamen Municipal Propaganda Department Wang Yu Zong Come to Inspect XOM

Publish date:2011-8-10   Pageview: 1686



This morning, Propaganda Section & Defense Education Activity Department Head Wang Yu Zong and the party come to inspect Xiamen Olympic Museum. A comprehensive inspection on museum’s education of science popularization has been conducted.


Vice Curator Miss Wuyun introduces museum’s daily work in scientific technology education since the 2008 opening to Director Wang, and particularly focuses on the recent activities such as scientific technology education conducted in school trips, camps and cross-straight adolescents communication. After the introduction, Director Wang highly praises and affirms the effective work carried out by XOM in teenagers’ education of Olympic science and makes many valuable comments and suggestions. He hopes that XOM could keep developing its Olympic advantages, enrich and strengthen the connotation of Olympic science education, especially to teenagers. He points out that teenagers should have access to Olympic knowledge in a more straightforward and closer way, which will not only help stimulate interest, but also encourage them to learn from Olympic Champions’ spirit of perseverance. This is a great fortune to teenagers and will play a positive role in their growth. Vice Curator Miss Wuyun says the museum will keep intensifying efforts in this field as always and try to contribute more in adolescents'  Olympic education.