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Xiamen TV Come to Interview XOM

Publish date:2011-8-26   Pageview: 3892


In the afternoon of Aug.26, 2011, reporters of Xiamen TV come to interview and shoot XOM, giving a special report to the special exhibition being held, which is themed on "A Retrospection of Beijing Olympics, A Recollection of Brilliant History". In the exclusive interview to Ms. Wu Yun, the deputy curator of XOM, she expresses the purpose and meaning of the special exhibition, that is to make visitors review the wonderful and brilliant scenes of Beijing Olympic Games through the real exhibits, to let more teenagers have a further understanding of the Beijing Olympic Games and learn Olympic popular science knowledge through this exhibition, in addition, on the spot they can mount the podium, take pictures with Beijing Olympic Torch, and hit "Fou" etc.. During the interview, the reporters also interview a family of three from Xiamen Jimei District, who just come to visit this special exhibition. They state this exhibition is so good that the first time they can experience Beijing Olympics such closely.