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“Walking on the Olympic Day” held inXiamenOlympic Museum

Publish date:2015-6-23   Pageview: 3318


The Vice Director was hosting the opening ceremony

Famous artist Hong Alin donated his work, A Healthy Dancing Woman, specially created for this campaign

Here start walking


Fancy billiards perform



On the 29th Olympic Day of June 23rd, as a Olympics-themed museum approved by IOC, Xiamen Olympic Museum advocated a campaign themed by “Let’s Stride and Salute to the Olympic Day”. The campaign was started at9 inthe morning hosted by Wu Yun, the vice director of Xiamen Olympic Museum. Officials like Wang Yihui, the vice secretary of Lianqian Street Office, Qi Xiuxiu, the vice director of Lianqian Street Office, Zeng Rongguo, the president of Science Association in Siming District, Hong Alin, A famous Artist and vice director of Career Development department of China Collectors Associate, Guo Yan, president of Xiamen Outside-School Activities Promotion Associate, Lai Zhiyu, CEO of Juxing Sports, attended this ceremony, which is supported by Xiamen Olympic Museum, Lianqian Street Office, Xiamen Outside-School Activities Promotion Associate as well as Juxing Sports.

Different from other walking campaign, “Walking on the Olympic Day” adds some activities to fulfill its content and make it more interactive and interesting, for example, visit to a Winter Olympic Special Exhibition, signature campaign forBeijing’s bid for hosting the Olympics, Interesting Exercise. The hosting city of the 2022 Winter Olympics will be revealed by Jul. 31st. To support the bid, a Winter Olympics special exhibit and a signature campaign were carried out in the museum. Though a rich collection of Winter Olympics, including previous Winter Olympics torches, medals, medallions, stamps, postcards, mascots, documents, etc., precious graphics and text, which illustrate sports events, solutions to deficient snowfall, theory of reducing friction onto skiing suits, theory of speed skating accurately and timely, citizens will have a chance to understand Winter Olympic history, sports events, rules of games, technologies applied, enjoy the glamour of the games and find out the meaning of holding a Winter Olympics. And more citizens will stand out and supportBeijing’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics.  

Nearly 300 hundred people were attracted and participated into the campaign, including juvenile students, clients, retired community residents, and families from all walks of life. Regardless of ages, jobs, they joined out of the same purpose, i.e. participating actively into working-out and put a healthy and green lifestyle into practice. It is also the purpose of Olympic Day Campaign and key manifestation of the Olympic Spirits.

As is known, due to working pressure and urban environment, citizens have shown more and more passion in working-out recent years with a hope to release themselves and have a closer contact with the nature. In the coming 2015,XiamenOlympic Museum shall promote a national movement campaign and lead more citizens toward a healthy life.

The campaign, on one hand, promotes knowledge and benefits of walking, on the other hand, advocates the concept of healthy life. With more and more people starting working out, their health and spirits shall be strengthened; their life shall be enriched spiritually and culturally. Let’s witness a wonderful journey of the walking campaign.