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Two International Bodybuilding Champions Visited the Museum

Publish date:2015-7-1   Pageview: 2022


Two International Bodybuilding Champions Visited the Museum

Jul.1st, two international bodybuilding champions, Li Hengmin and Xu Daoming visited the museum

Accompanied by the Vice Curator Wu Yun, they visited the major hall and theme exhibitions and said each piece of the precious exhibits gave them a  strong sense of honour. Although bodybuilding doesn’t belong to the list of official sports events in the Games, they still feel honored and proud to participate  and win in an international game. In spite of various disparities between bodybuilding and other events, it shares a similar concept with Olympism, that is, advocating the public into sports and bodybuilding in an aim to strengthen their body and stay healthy. The Vice Curator suggested that it is not only a manifestation of the Olympic values but a target of our museum. We hope citizens, especially the youngsters start a positive, exercise-loving and healthy lifestyle after viewing the precious collects and documents in the museum.