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A Signature Campaign Held in Xiamen International Bookstore —Supporting Beijing’s Bid for 2022 Winter Olympics

Publish date:2015-7-25   Pageview: 3768


Jul.25th, a signature campaign organized by Xiamen Olympic Museum was carried out in Xiamen International Bookstore, supportingBeijing’s bid for 2022 Winter Olympics

Jul.31st, the host city for the 2022 Winter Olympics was about to be announced inKuala Lampas,Malaysia. In support ofBeijing’s bid, we advocated the public to join in the signature campaign and express our wishes and blessings. Additionally, other activities were included, like a scientific and technological and Olympic exhibitions, taking photos with Lucky Cloud, Beijing Olympics Torch, a game “looking for the missing rings” as well as a quiz about Olympics, which students at present participated with great joy and excitement.

These activities not only offered citizens a channel to express their blessing towardBeijing’s bid, but extended their knowledge about the Olympics. At the same time, Olympism and Olympics culture were well spread and promoted among communities, among people, deep into remote areas, into schools.