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Players from China International Children’s Model Contest Visited the Museum

Publish date:2015-8-7   Pageview: 1460


Aug.7th, players from China International Children’s Model Contest visited the museum.

Today, children models across the country came for a visit to Xiamen Olympic Museum and were welcomed by Wu Yun, the Vice Curator with a hope that Olympics as well as its spirits and values would be better understood by the children. Guided by a professional commentator, they appreciated especially the Winter Exhibition, where sports events in the Games, timing technique of speed race, how modern technologies are applied in skateboards and ski suits to decrease fraction and theory of man-made snow under an atmosphere of 20℃ are well demonstrated and illustrated. So that they were able to understand Winter Olympics and relation between modern science and technologies and Olympics more profoundly. Besides, they appreciated other special exhibitions like a photo exhibition of global tour of Xiamen, the sailing boat, a review of 2014 Najing Youth Olympics, which, on one hand, helped the children understand the origin, the development and the future of Olympics in all-round way, on the other, passed on the Olympic values and spirits to the next generation. At the end of today’s activity, chidren’s signatures are collected with a blessing toward 2022 Beijing Olympics.