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Xiamen Olympic Museum Participated in the Training Course on Collection Management of Non-State-Owned Museums in Fujian Province

Publish date:2019/8/29   Pageview: 261


On the morning of August 29th, a training course on collection management of Fujian non-state-owned museums was held in Pingnan County,Ningde City. Representatives from 33 Fujian non-state museums attended the meeting.

Ms. Yun Wu, deputy curator of Xiamen Olympic Museum, and the responsible staff of museum collectionparticipated in the training course on behalf of Xiamen Olympic Museum. The main content of the meeting is the identification of cultural relics and the experience exchange of "pairing and supporting" activities among museums.


This meeting provided the direction for the collection management of Xiamen Olympic Museum, and provided new ideas and improvement direction for the staff of the museum in the aspect of collection management. It’s believed that through this training, XOM will have better development in collection management. We also welcome people from all walks of life to visit and exchange in XOM.

Xiamen Olympic museum

Xiamen Olympic Museum,  as one of one of the twenty-eight members of the International Olympic Museums Network, national excellent popular science education base, regularly holds various kind of thematic exhibition, including Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting Works of Artists From Across Straits to Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the PROCFolk Sports Art Exhibitionthe Special Exhibition of Olympic Medals Themed on“The Road to The Championship”the Postcard Exhibition of Mr. Samaranch and so on. Through a variety of theme exhibition,more people learn the Olympic knowledge,which has a positive significance for the growth of teenagers, helping children to achieve the highest level in life.