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XOM Participated in "Thousands of Love Research and Learning Travel" Public Welfare Alliance Activities

Publish date:2019/8/30   Pageview: 250


This morning, the staff of XOM went to Jimei district to participate in the public welfare alliance activity of "thousands of love research and learning travel", and shared the ideas and experiences with other institutions.

The staff of XOM exchanged and interacted on the spot


Since ancient times, China has a tradition of “reading 10,000 books and traveling 10,000 miles”. As a "mobile classroom",research and learning travel can broaden children's horizon and cultivate correct outlook on life and values.


The purpose of this activity is to help the targeted poverty alleviation in education, help the poor and disadvantaged children to get out of their own living environment, and establish correct values in research and learning travel. Jointly with research and learning institutions with culture, education and tourism resources, thousands of love research and learning tourism alliance creates a public welfare love research and learning platform.


"Thousands of love research and travel" public welfare alliance