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High-tech Olympic Carnival Activities were held in Xiamen Olympic Museum

Publish date:2021-12-4   Pageview: 927


In the afternoon of December 4th, 2021 , the High-tech Olympic Carnival Activities were held in Xiamen Olympic Museum to celebrate the International Voliunteer Day on December 5th.

Guided by the Publicity Department of CPC Siming District Committee, the activity was hosted by Siming District Science and Technology Association, organized by Xiamen Daily, Xiamen Olympic Museum, Xiamen Office of Art Certificate Center of China Institute of Art Science and Technology, and co-organized by Xiamen Aishang Development Enterprise Management Consulting Co., LTD.. Mr. Ronggen Ma, the Vice President of Xiamen Municipal Association for Science and Technology, Mr. Hu Boning, the Second Level Researcher, Ms. Jiana Xu, the Vice President of Siming District Association for Science and Technology, Mr. Qiyan Wu, the Secretary General of Siming District Volunteer Association, and Ms. Yun Wu, the Deputy Curator of Xiamen Olympic Museum Wu Yun were present. Meanwhile, representatives from more than 30 Science Bases and 88 volunteers were also invited to participate in.

The opening activity was divided into three parts: the torch relay, the flags presentation ceremony and the reading of the proposal for the creation of a model city. At the beginning of the activity, volunteers carried the torch and Vice President Mr. Ronggen Wu lit the Olympic flame, solemnly announcing the opening of the activity.

All the leaders presented the flags to the 31 Popularization Bases of Science Technology.

Then, Rong Xue, a student from School of Informatics Xiamen University, read out the initiative of participating in building a civilized model city as representative of science and technology popularization volunteers in Siming District.

After the ceremony, the Hi-tech Olympic Carnival began, which included “the parent-child curling game”, “Olympic newspaper DIY", and Olympic knowledge competition.

On the field of the Hi-tech Olympic Curling Game, the participants were immersed in a happy and harmonious atmosphere. With the spirit of "friendship first, competition second", they learned to be united and cooperative during the game.

Later, in the Olympic newspaper DIY and Olympic knowledge competition, the guests showed their enthusiasm and welcome for the Winter Olympics in the process of answering questions.

At the end of the event, each team came on stage to get prizes. And the Hi-tech Olympic Carnival activities came to a successful conclusion in a warm applause.