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Xiamen Olympic Museum received a donation from an artist

Publish date:2021-12-2   Pageview: 1043


On November 2nd, 2021, Mr. Qinglin Yan, a famous Master of Arts and Crafts, donated the collection "Guan Shengdi” ceramic statue to our museum, and Ms.Yun Wu, the deputy curator of our museum, accepted the collection on behalf of Xiamen Olympic Museum.

"Guan Gong", alternatively named Guan Yu, or Guandi, is a symbol of "loyalty and valor". By sculpturing, kneading, carving, engraving and embossing, the artist use the high-quality kaolin clay for this statue. High temperature colored glaze is one of the important decorative ceramic material, is composed of a metal oxide and natural ore as colorant, decoration on the ceramic body, after 1300 ℃ high temperature firing of ceramic works.

The collection often reflects the social forms of the time, the living conditions of the people, the level of social development, folk customs and other social aspects. The statue will be the everlasting collection of Xiamen Olympic Museum.