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Over thousand of students visited XOM wishing for the Asian Games

Publish date:2010-10-30   Pageview: 1885





Over 1400 of students and teachers from Xianglu Primary School and Binlang Primary School came to visit the Xiamen Olympic Museum with great excitement.

They were led into the museum in lines by the guide, appreciating introduction of Olympic events, outstanding athletes, the Olympic Memorabilia as well as many practical Olympic etiquette. At the first exhibition hall and Olympic Gallery, some students experienced the most exciting time as an Olympic winner by stepping on the Olympic podium, posing as a real boxer on the boxing ring. The museum also prepared a film of Asian Games at the Presentation Hall for the students, with the aim of exposing more public to the Games relative information as the competition events and rules. After the visit, not only taking photos with Beijing Olympics torch and the first edition Olympics for youth, Singapore 2010 Youth Olympics torch, the students and teachers also expressed the best wish for the Asian Games signing their own words and names on the flag of Xiamen Olympic Museum with enthusiastic hope for the Games. 

Though the enjoyment of visiting was much shorter than anticipated, the visitors got plenty scientific knowledge, information as well as the etiquette applied on the Olympics, the Asian Games, which will have a helpful effect on their later life and study.