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May 18th Preview | A Number of Olympic Medals With Unique Cultural Imprint

Publish date:2019/5/17   Pageview: 273


Life is just like a journey. Walking through each distance , a mark will be left, which will later turn into history and culture. As an important carrier of culture, museums are playing an increasingly important role in modern society, and are performing more functions of spreading knowledge and culture to the public, especially to the teenagers. As the cultural center, Xiamen Olympic museum will commemorates the tradition with the medal exhibition with the imprint of the times.

The exhibition will feature nearly 100 precious medals, including Olympic medals and commemorative medals of some significant events.

Exhibits include:

Bronze Medal of the 1st All-Africa Games 1929

Silver Medal of the 1976 Montreal Olympics

Medal of the 2008 Beijing Paralympics

Medal of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Medal of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

A Set of Olympic Conference Badges 1984-2009

Commemorative Medals of the Previous Olympics Poster

Barcelona Trophy

The Gold-Plated Awarding Cup of the Lithuanian Olympic Committee

Every medal is full of the athletessweat, and behind each medal there is a story. The special exhibition is just like a travel to the the previous sport events and and a way to communicate with the champions.

Activity Time: 14:00-17:00, May 18th

Address: Xiamen Olympic Museum