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Museum Day | Wake Up Cultural Relics and Popularize Science to the Communities | XOM Had its Consummation of “The Road to the Championship”Medal Exhibition

Publish date:2019/5/18   Pageview: 343


Xiamen Olympic Museum, one of the twenty-eight members of the International Olympic Museums Network, is the first independent non-profitable international organization approved by International Olympic Committee and China Olympic Committee in China.  

The museum was planned, designed and founded by International Olympic Committee Member, the chairman of the IOC Culture and Olympic Heritage Commission, Mr.Ching-Kuo Wu, who is also a world-renowned architecture expert and the curator of our Museum. The main function of the museum is to promote the Olympic culture and demonstrate the Olympic treasures to the public. Therefore people can knowfeel and share more about the history and glory of the Olympics.

International Museum Day is on May 18th every year , which has been initiated and established by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) with the theme of the day also determined by ICOM every year. The theme of International Museum Day this year is "Museums as Cultural Hubs: The future of tradition"  Surrounding this theme, Xiamen Olympic museum has launched a series of activities focusing on the topic "the dream of Olympic museum-- an  Olympic medals special exhibition themed on “the road to the championship ".

This afternoon, the Olympic medals special exhibition themed on“ the road to the championship”, hosted by Xiamen Olympic Museum, directed by Xiamen Working Committee on Caring for the Next Generation, Culture and Tourism Bureau of Siming District, jointly organized by Lianfeng community, Lianwei community, Qianpu south community and Dunhuang Daqian Art Troupe was officially opened.  Leaders and Distinguished guests who attended today's event include: Yongfu Xie ,deputy director of Taiwan,Hongkong and Macao Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal Government,  Hailin Lu, director/division chief of Culture Relics and Museums Division of Xiamen Culture and Tourism Bureau, Yuhua Li,the deputy secretary-general of Xiamen Working Committee on Caring for the Next Generation,  Genbao Zhu, the deputy director of Xiamen Lianqian Street Office,  Zhongqiong Zheng, director of Xiamen Lianwei Community,  Suting Zhangdeputy director of Lianfeng Community,  Li Gudeputy director of Qianpu South Community,  Jinsheng Jia, general manager of Beijing Forever Spring Co.,Ltd, Senshu Xie, chairman of Moving World Exhibition Co.,Ltd,  Yuhai Jin and Mo Chengeneral manager and deputy general manager of Xiamen Fliport C&E Center, Xiaofeng Huang, dean of Xiamen Honglu Painting and Calligraphy Academy, friends from the media, community representatives, student representatives and enterprise representatives in Xiamen.

Ms. Yun Wudeputy curator of Xiamen Olympic museum, delivered the welcome speech.

During the opening ceremony, the residents and children of the communities led by the community directors and the excellent members of Dunhuang Daqian Art Troup brought wonderful performances.The show was opened with the dance "Jasmine Flower"; the violin dance music "Oriental Rhyme" received full applause; the song "You and Me" pushed the atmosphere of performance to its climax; "Chinese Recitation"full of innocence once again arouse thunderous applause. 

The performance of dance, short sketch, soft force ball performance, poetry recitation, fan dance and other programs brought by each community was especially splendid. The activity scene was lively,and the applause was unceasing. Local citizen Mr. Wang said “It is a great honor to participate in this event. On the museum day people from the communities gather together in  XOM to celebrate, which makes Olympic culture easier to be understood and closer to the general public, so that we can have a deeper understanding of the Olympic culture and spirit. Generally speaking, We had a good time today.‘’

During the performance, Xiamen Olympic museum launched online game Crazy Basketball to power the 2019 Basketball World Cup in China as well as Alpine Skiing to power Beijing 2022 winter Olympics, which were favored and won consistent high praise. Through this way,the public’s attention and understanding to sports event had been enhanced, which had been one of the long-term working direction of Xiamen Olympic museum.

Leaders and guests scanned the code together to start online competitive activities.

After the performance, a tour of the Olympic medal started under the guidance of the narrators . According to introduction of the deputy director of the museum, the exhibition displayed nearly 100 precious medals, including the Olympic medals and commemorative medals, as well as medals of major sports events. The exhibits included the Bronze Medal of the 1st All-Africa Games 1929, Silver Medal of the 1976 Montreal Olympics,Medal of the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, Medal of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Medal of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, A Set of Olympic Conference Badges 1984-2009, Commemorative Medals of the Previous Olympics Poster, the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Badges in limited edition and other precious commemorative medals.

Residents of the communities were led by the narrators to the exhibition.

 Every medal was full of the athletes’ sweat, and behind each medal there was a story.Under the guidance of the narrators, we seemed to have a time trip to the the previous sport events and complete a dialogue with the champions. During the exhibition, there were many people gathered in front of the 2008 jade-inlaid medals, which were creatively embedded with jades (white for gold medal, green white for silver and sapphire for bronze). This design not only conformed to the relevant regulations of the International Olympic committee, but also highlighted the noble quality of jade, indicating the gold and jade relationship in Chinese traditional culture, and embodying Chinese people's praise for the Olympic spirit and the highest praise to the athletes.

Each of the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics medals was of a different design, which of every medal was a different part of an abstract painting, and each was unique in the world. Children from the communities were deeply attracted.

This activity would share the Olympics with more people and spread the Olympic culture and spirit by get closer to the communities.

The theme of this year's museum day is "Museums as Cultural Hubs: The future of tradition" . Connect the past with medals is traditional and deeply memorable moments; Pass the Olympics with humanistic care will make the present life more vivid; Connect the future with cool games is technological and a more convenient form full of hope.