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Teachers and Students from Xiamen Shuangshi Middle School Enjoyed a Cultural Trip in Xiamen Olympic Museum

Publish date:2019/7/5   Pageview: 287


This afternoon, teachers and students from Xiamen Shuangshi Middle School came to Xiamen Olympic museum to view the Olympic exhibits and learn about the Olympic stories,enjoying a fun Olympics cultural experience during the summer vacation.

Xiamen Olympic museum boasted rich Olympic cultural relics, torches, medals, mascots, commemorative medals and so on. Every piece of the collections witnessed a history. Through the careful explaination of the narrator, the students not only understood the mystery behind the cultural relics, but also deepened the understanding of the Olympic spirit.

Through exhibits, pictures, videos, interactive experience and various other forms, the students deeply understood the Olympic values of "excellence, friendship, respect", the origin and development of the Olympics.

Took photos of these fine collections

The students felt the splendidness of the Olympics and the charm of sports through abundant Olympic knowledge sharing. Through the Olympic popular science educational practice activities, they learnt the spirit of “face difficulties, be brave to chanlleges” of the Olympic champions , which played a positive role for their growth and encouraged them to achieve the highest level in life.

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The main function of the museum is to promote the Olympic culture, demonstrate the Olympic history and treasures to the public. Therefore people can know more about the Olympics, experience the healthy life philosophy of "faster, higher, stronger" and the Olympic spirit of "participation, justice, peace".