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English Corner | Baby Intellectual Olympics Class Phase Two

Publish date:2019/7/6   Pageview: 246


In order to welcome the 2020 Tokyo summer Olympics and lead the students to be good little hosts of the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics, Xiamen Olympic museum has launched an activity themed "Learning English with Fun, Welcoming the Olympics". It is hoped that students could learn more about the Olympic Games and approach the Olympics through their effort.

Baby IntellectualOlympics Class Phase Two Begins

This morning, parents of Xiamen Jinjiting Primary School, together with their children, walked into Xiamen Olympic museum to participate in the "Learning English with Fun, Welcoming the Olympics”baby intellectual Olympics hosted by Xiamen Olympic museum.

Visited the museum and learned knowledge

First of all, our narrator led parents and students to visit each exhibition hall of the museum.

In the museum, the children listened to the explanation of the museum carefully. They got to know various kinds of Olympic collections and the stories behind them.

The studious children frequently asked questions, while the narrator patiently explained to them.

In the exhibition area of lovely mascots , the children's great interest were aroused , and could not help telling their favorite mascots.

Parents were busy taking photos of the future champions who stood on the prize awarding platform of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

On-site English teaching

In the multimedia classroom of the Olympic museum, the teacher of our museum explained the Olympic English knowledge to the students.

Interesting questions and answers

After class, according to the Olympic English knowledge taught by the teacher previously and the collections’ knowledge learned through visiting the museum ,  interesting English quiz activity were arranged. The children gave full play to their memory ability and imagination to complete the interesting English answers perfectly.

At last, the parents and students took a group photo in front of the "Heaven Jade" from Yangtze River, the guarding treasure of XOM, and happily finished today’s "Learning English with Fun, Welcoming the Olympics" activity. Parents all said that today's activity was very fruitful and meaningful, which could not only provide an opportunity to accompany their children, but also could learned knowledge together with their children in class.


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