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Little Torch Bearer |Wonderful Olympic Research Summer Camp of Xiamen Wuyuan Experimental School

Publish date:2019/7/7   Pageview: 282


The best way to spend a summer vacation was learning while playing. To cultivate the children's cultural literacy , increase the cultural breadth and depth, promote their understanding of different cultures and experiences, today, the children from Xiamen Wuyuan Experimental School walked into Xiamen Olympic museum, where they learned through playing, exploring the mystery of the Olympics, learning about the history and culture of the Olympics and experiencing the charm of the Olympics.

Under the guidance of teachers, the children learned the etiquette of visiting the museum and queued up to enter the Olympic museum in order. They were allocated to play the role of torch bearers, flag bearers and athletes. With the accompaniment of the Olympic Anthem,they slowly walked down from the gyroidal railing stairway, simulating the  process of entering the sacred arena during the Olympic Games. 

The museum was just like a small time tunnel, and the children were led into a time travel through walking through the unique glass corridor and experiencing the commutative change between bright and dark.

The group of lovely children visited the preface hall, the past, present and future of the Olympic Games, the Olympic family, treasure and sharing, temporary exhibition hall, the painting and calligraphy exhibition of the 70th anniversary , the Olympic medal special exhibition and so on,  detailedly understood the development of the Olympics and the story behind the rich collections, what they were deeply impressed.

We elaborately prepared games experience for the children, including "Throwing Arrows to the Vase", "Crossing the River by Moving the Stones"  "Dragon Boat on Land” "Monopoly Game"  and so on, through which they felt the joy of sports games and activities, at the same time their mind and body were fully developed.

We hope that in the future life, these abundant knowledge, in addition to bring fun to the children, can also perfect their knowledge system, increase experience and knowledge to become an excellent successor of all-round development of morality, intelligence, body,aesthetics and labor.