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Children’s Hemophilia Theme Activity, Unstoppable Wonderful Life

Publish date:2019/7/13   Pageview: 268


To popularize the concept of standardized prevention and treatment of hemophilia, and to pay attention to the physical and mental health of hemophilia children,this year,  the "End  Bleeding, Freedom of Life" summer camp for hemophilia children officially set sail in Xiamen Olympic museum on 13rd July . The summer camp was hosted by Xiamen charity federation, supported by Xiamen Olympic museum and Wutian China.

The principles of olympism include the following sentence: "Everyone shall enjoy the possibility of playing sports without any form of discrimination and embody the Olympic spirit of mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play." It is also known as the modern Olympic spirit. Together, we have endowed this event with the unique Olympic spirit and helped hemophilia children to develop a confident and optimistic attitude through various creative interactions.

The Opening Ceremony of the Summer Camp

Ms. Yurong Xu, Section Chief of Xiamen Charity Federation delivered a welcome speech.

During the opening ceremony, Ms.Yun Wu,the deputy curator, used a vivid story "half a seed also has its spring", encouraged children to be positive and sunny, like tenacious seeds to grow into a big tree.

The language full of Olympic spirit and Olympic culture encouraged children to give play to the spirit of never giving up and constantly striving for self-improvement. In the future, children would study, work and live more healthily and happily.

Do not give in to hardship, do not bow to hardship, do not be frightened by suffering. The ideal of life is for the ideal life. Only with their own applause, the road of life will be more and more broad, and  the road of life will be more and more magnanimous.

Visiting the museum

Ms.Yun Wu, the deputy curator , introduced the collections for the guests.

Children were attracted by the rich collections.

The group of lovely children visited the preface hall, past present and future of the Olympic Games, the Olympic family, the treasure and sharing, temporary exhibition hall, the painting and calligraphy exhibition of the 70th anniversary , the Olympic medal special exhibition and so on, detailedly understood the development of the Olympics and the story behind the rich collections, what they were deeply impressed. The children were especially attracted by the Olympic mascots and torches.


Little torch bearers

Little torch bearers entered the site

Lighted the sacred fire and annouced the beginning of the summer camp

After the unforgettable Olympic experience, the children would apply the Olympic knowledge they learnt to practice, get close contact with the Olympics.

Cool play Olympics, I am the champion

With the guidance of teachers and parentsthe children completed the game of Throwing Arrows to the Vase”。

They happily played the wonderful monopoly game.

Ms. Hong Wen, chief physician of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, Awarded the prize to the Children.

They were not only the champion of the game, but would also be the champion of life.

The famous physician gave lectures to pass on knowledge.

Ms. Hong Wen,chief physician of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University

In this activity, Ms. Hong Wen, chief physician of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, were invited to talk about the standardized treatment and joint protection hemophilia knowledge for children and parents.

During the class, Ms.Wen introduced the types of hemophilia, the key points of preventing bleeding, and the matters needing attention of joint protection. So that children and parents can have a much smoother life in future.

After the activity, the children and their parents spoke highly of the activity. The summer camp activity in such an atmosphere full of Olympic culture not only brought the children a lot of fun, but also let the children feel more spiritual power to go better and better in their future life.