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XOM Winter Olympic Special Exhibition Received the First Summer Camp

Publish date:2015-6-10   Pageview: 1213


On July 31st, the 2022 Winter Olympics host city will announce inKuala Lumpur,Malaysia. In order to boost the Beijing and Zhangjiakou's bid to host the winter games, XOM holds winter Olympic special exhibition to promote Winter Olympics knowledge, through which people will have more comprehensive understanding of the Olympic winter games, therefore create a good social atmosphere for Beijing's bid to host the winter Olympics. At the same time, the exhibition will also as the focus of the students’ summer social practice activities.

On June 10th, winter Olympic special exhibition received the first summer camp—Xiamen Dadi Kindergarten. Under the guidance of the teacher, children followed staff to visit winter games exhibition, with an interest in understanding and learning the development history of the winter Olympics, sports science and technology knowledge. In addition, the children also visited other exhibition halls and theme exhibitions, and watched the Olympic cartoon.

Through the visiting, the children said they’ve learned the winter Olympic Games knowledge, and have felt the unique charm of the winter Olympics. The children also sent sincere wishes forBeijing's bid to host the 2022 winter Olympics.