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XOM staff received a practical fire drill organized by Fire Extinguisher Service Center

Publish date:2021-5-25   Pageview: 972


In the afternoon of May 25th, 2021, XOM staff received a practical fire drill organized by Fire Extinguisher Service Center in order to enhance the awareness of fire safety and strengthen safety management and prevent the occurrence of fire accidents. All the staff participated in the fire safety training. The fire safety training to all staff to popularize fire safety knowledge, further improve the fire prevention awareness and self-help ability.

During the drill, the lecturer explained the emergency disposal plan of fire scene, the principle of fire extinguisher, basic operation method and precautions. Training was made based on the news reports and videos, so as to improve the ability of fire emergency, self-help, mutual rescue, etc., and enhance everyone's safety awareness. 

XOM staff’s ability to deal with emergencies was improved through the drill. Meanwhile, our awareness of fire safety was improved and our ability of self-defense and self-rescue was improved.