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From Co-Construction to Cooperation, Xiamen Olympic museum Set Up Sports Promotion Teams Together With Several Sports Associations and Sports Enterprises

Publish date:2019/8/27   Pageview: 273


On August 27th , The Youth health and national fitness promotion team constituted by Xiamen Olympic MuseumFujian Health Industry Association, Xiamen Wujing Health  Management Co.,LtdXiamen Aiqu Cultural Communication Co.,LtdFujian Boundless Runners Sports Service Co.,Ltd,  Fujian Harmon Eras Fitness Management Co.,Ltd

was officially established. The co-construction ceremony was held in Xiamen Olympic museum.


The co-construction aimed to explore new ideas to better integrate individual sport events and Olympic culture, promote the concept of sports power and strong bodies, and spread the Olympic culture and spirit in a larger scope through the joint efforts with the association.



At the same time, it will provide idea integration in more forms and diversity for the promotion of juvenile health education, so that the youth health education will catch the wide attention of people from all parts of the society. In addition, it will provide more and more interesting forms of activities for the promotion of national fitness and national sports.


In the future, Xiamen Olympic museum will cooperate with sports associations and enterprises to explore new ideas for youth education and national fitness, jointly holding all kinds of interesting sports activities. We look forward to your participation.