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Publish date:2019/8/27   Pageview: 269


As a non-profit organization, Xiamen Olympic museum has long been committed to the inheritance and dissemination of Olympic culture. In order to better fulfill the functions of the museum,we regularly holds activities such as music corner (music exchange) , English corner (study and exchange of Olympic terms).  Later, we will actively launch regular activities such as dance corner, art corner, root-seeking culture corner, etc. We welcome friends from all walks of life to participate in the cooperation and exchange.

The Olympics cover all aspects from material civilization to spiritual civilization, from individual to society, and from concreteness to abstract, fully reflecting the rich cultural connotation of the Olympic movement.The forms of modern Olympic culture include fine arts, music, dance, architectural art, sculpture, literature and so on.

This time,the guests to exchange and rehearse are music teachers from  various major orchestras in Xiamen, who boast their own special skill. Some were good at Chinese musical instruments, such as urheen, flute, panpipe, suona horn, etc., while some were good at western musical Instruments, such as violin, cello, guitar, piano, etc..  All of them have much passion for music and the Olympics.

During the activity, they exchanged music experience and their understanding of music. They rehearsed the songs together.Among the strong atmosphere of the Olympics, with a forever young heart, the vitality would be transmitted to more people through the form of music.

 In the activity, Ms. Yun Wu, deputy curator of our museum, had cordial communication with the teachers of the orchestra, and discussed how to better integrate the Olympic culture with music culture, Chinese traditional culture with the energetic Olympic spirit, so that the Olympic spirit could be revitalized through the form of music.