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Lucky Xiamen Happy Siming 2019 Mid-Autumn Carnival Tourism Promotion for Xiamen Olympic Museum was held

Publish date:2019-9-21   Pageview: 198


  The month-long 2019 Siming Mid-Autumn Festival Tourism Promotion was held ceremoniously in  Xiamen Olympic Museum this morning.


  The activity was guided by Xiamen Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, hosted by Culture and Tourism Bureau of Siming District, organized by Fujian Huan Tour Tourism Group and Xiamen Tourism Group International Travel Service Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Xiamen Olympic Museum. Distinguished leaders and guests from Xiamen Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau,  Culture and Tourism Bureau of Siming District and Xiamen Municipal Committee on Care for Children attended the event. Journalists from China National Radio, Xiamen Music Radio, Xiamen Traffic and Finance Radio, Sina Xiamen Branch, Xiamen Daily and Strait Herald as well as representatives from Xiamen Tourism Group International  Travel Service Co., Ltd., Fujian Huan Tour Tourism Group, Xiamen Airlines International Travel Service Co., Ltd., China International Travel Service Co.Ltd.., Ctrip and Tuniu were present and nearly 400 tourists were invited.

  At the opening ceremony, the energetic dancers brought us a dramatic dance performance, which caused the applause of the audience. In a local song in praise of Xiamen, the singer nailed the song and showed Xiamen’s beauty and poetic sentiments.

  Xiamen is a city with beautiful scenery and high-caliber talents. Siming district has abundant cultural and natural resources. Elements of street culture, religious culture, food culture and gulangyu culture are condensed in Siming district. With the development of research tourism in recent years, it has been an important topic for Siming district to combine tourisim with culture and sports.

  Xiamen Olympic Museum is the first Olympic Museum entitled “Olympics” in China with a collection of 11000 pieces, among wich over 4000 pieces are perennially exhibited. These collections includes Olympic torches, medals, stamps, badges, coins, mascots, ect., which are witnesses of Olympic history and stories.

  In The tourism promotion today, an innovative sitcom was aired which vividly displayed the characteristic HIBL routes of Siming tourism.

   In the activity, Ms. Yun Wu, deputy curator of Xiamen Olympic Museum and Mr. Pengfen Hu, general manager of Fujian Huan Tour Tourism Group singed a long-term cooperation cooperation agreement on featured HIBL projects of XOM and Siming district.

  Leaders of Xiamen Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau and Culture and Tourism Bureau of Siming District, primary school students in Siming district and representatives of tourist went on the stage and signed their names on the Olympic flag to make their own contribution to the promotion of Siming tourism.

  When the opening ceremony ended, the narrators of Xiamen Olympic Museum led the guests to visit all the exhibition halls of the XOM. Most of the tourists visited XOM for the first time, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is approaching, as a result, every single piece of the collections aroused their interest and curiosity, whether it is an Olympic torch, an Olympic medal, an Olympic mascot, or an Olympic souvenir. The lovely kids especially, asked many questions and took detailed notes accordingly.


  XOM orchestra staff arrived ever since the beginning of the event and made wonderful warm-up performances. Their efforts and support are highly appreciated.


  The online moon-cake gambling system of 2019 Xiamen Mid-Autumn Tourism Carnival was officially launched from September 7th till September 26th with two online rooms of ”coastal tourism” and “XOM HIBL activities”.


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