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The Autumn Family Tour of Xiamen No.5 Middle School in Xiamen Olympic Museum

Publish date:2019-9-27   Pageview: 244


  To cultivate humanistic quality and improve mufti-culture understanding, students from Xiamen No. 5 Middle School paid a visit to Xiamen Olympic Museum with their parents today. It was a journey to explore Olympic mystery, to understand Olympic history and to experience Olympic culture.

  During the tour, the students looked at those varied collections with their eyes wide open and listened to the narrator’s introduction carefully with interactive questions all the time. 

  The children not only viewed a variety of Olympic treasures, such as Olympic medals, Olympic torches, Olympic mascots, ect., but also learn a lot of Olympic knowledge, such as how the Olympic flame is collected, what is the meaning of the Olympic rings and so on. The children were fascinated by the unique humanistic amorous feelings and impressed by the touching stories of many Olympic champions. In the entertainment games, students experienced the fun of sports, made progress and learned sports skills. All the guests sang high praise for this tour.