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The renovation of the restrooms in XOM has been preliminarily completed

Publish date:2019-9-26   Pageview: 228


  The renovation of restrooms at tourist sites is essential to  improve the tourism experience. As a 3A scenic area, Xiamen Olympic Museum actively improves its hardware facilities and service quality and improves the overall service quality. On the morning of September 26th, 2019, Mr.Wei Dai, director of industry management section of Siming District Bureau of Culture and Tourist inspected the situation of the restrooms renovation and provided guidance accompanied by our deputy curator, Ms. Yun Wu.

  In addition to the permanent male and female restrooms in Xiamen Olympic Museum, a family toilet has been set up to provide convenience for special groups with diaper-changing table, baby seat,portable sit-down shower and wash basin for kids and disabled. Mr. Wei Dai expressed his affirmation on the use of space of the renovation.

  Ms. Yun Wu, deputy curator of XOM expressed her understanding of the suggestions and made exchanges with the leaders. Our staff member took a detailed note of Mr. Dai’s remarks accordingly.

  This inspection will be of great help to the environmental renovation and service quality improvement of XOM, as well as provide a better inspiration for our long-term development.