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Mr. Shijian Pan, the former Vice Mayor of Xiamen, Gathered with Children from the Municipal Welfare Home in Xiamen Olympic Museum

Publish date:2019/8/31   Pageview: 270


This afternoon, Mr.Shijian Pan, former vice mayor of Xiamen, and the staff of Xiamen municipal welfare home led dozens of teenagers from Xiamen municipal welfare institute to visit XOM and experience the Olympics.

Mr. Shijian Pan and the children of the welfare home

Mr. Shijian Pan and his delegation visited the exhibition halls on the first floor and the second floor under the guidance of the staff of the museum. During the visit, the narrators explained the history, culture and knowledge of the Olympic museum carefully.

The museum staff explained the exhibits and design of the museum to everyone.

After the visit, the staff of the museum organized several mini games to interact with the teenagers of the welfare house, and the children played games together harmoniously.

The children were playing games

As an international public welfare institution, Xiamen Olympic museum has been focused on public welfare since its establishment. It advocates to pay attention to the disadvantaged groups in society and hopes  everyone can contribute to the public welfare undertakings.


Mr. Pan shijian took a group photo with the teenagers of the welfare home.