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"100 Points Every Day "|Stories of Xiamen Olympic Museum Moon Cake Gambling Carnival

Publish date:2019/9/1   Pageview: 273


Xiamen Olympic museum is one of the scenic spots of "100 Points Every Day "  Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake gambling tourism carnival.

The museum has prepared special gifts for you to experience ~

The annual Mid-Autumn festival is coming

When the dice struck the porcelain bowl with a ringing sound,

It comes the happy time for everyone to join in the moon cake gambling activities in Fujian.

Since the opening of Xiamen Olympic Museum

It has been favored by the general public

They gather in the museum

Feel the edification of the Olympic spirit

Experience Xiamen's traditional folk culture

With the Olympicson the left hand”

The gifts on the right hand

Spend a happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Stories of Moon Cake Gambling

It was the first time for the auntie who come from outside the Fujian province to participate in the activity of Moon Cake Gambling of Xiamen. Under the instructions of the museum staff, she learned the rules and methods, and tried to play. She showed great interest in this activity.

The auntie thought that the folk activity of moon cake gambling was not only interesting ,but was good for enhancing the relationship among the players.

She said, "Xiamen is really an interesting place.In Xiamen Olympic museum, we viewed the rich collection of the Olympic Games, saw so many different torches in different shapes,and stood on the 2008 Olympic prize awarding podium.  I also got to know this interesting folk custom of the Mid-Autumn festival. Converting the prize won during moon cake gambling into my favorite Olympic souvenir, it's really great to bring it back home to share the happiness with the children.”

The wonderful event is on going.  The activity will be held until September 23rd, and we welcome the general public to participate.